Hello and welcome to the new Datsun 510 wiki!

With the support of our vibrant community this space will soon be home to a wealth of information written by 510 enthusiasts for 510 enthusiasts. So take a moment and read a few pages, make some addidtions or corrections if you want. All pages are fully editable and there are detailed directions for those of you new to the wiki concept. A good place to start might be on one of the stub pages that I've already posted such as Nissan L engines, or Nissan L engine cylinder heads, or Nissan L engine exhaust also feel free to try out your editing skills at the Wikia:Sandbox.
There is an Index page which is a good place to add a refence to your new articles. And please remember that writings posted here are not to be from copyrighted sources without permission from the copyright holders. If you wish to discuss a change before making it feel free to use the "discussion" tab at the top of the page. Not sure what to write about? Try looking through the Bluebirds mailinglist archive for ideas!

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Have fun and hopefully we can make this a successful experiment!

P.S. If you see a link to another model of car, such as Datsun 610, use that space to write about possible items usable on a 510, NOT about the other model, at this time I'd like to keep this 510 specific. If you would like to do a write up about parts from another model car, checkout the donor cars page and see if the model you'd like to write about already has some parts listed.

--Dfndoe 09:35, 6 Apr 2005 (EDT)