Door hinges are a common wear item on our cars, thanks to their plastic bushings. Unfortunatly the last time someone priced the hinges new from Nissan they were about 175.00 each. Fortunatly however these are rebuildable using one of several different "hinge repair kits".


  • Nissan Upper/Lower
    • NAPA PN 675-5157 One pin and two bushings $5.00
    • HELP by Motormite PN 38397 One pin and two bushings $4.00
      • Bushing ID .315"
      • Bushing OD .397"
      • Pin OD .313"
  • Universal
    • HELP by Motormite PN 38400 One pin & 4 bushings $4.00
      • Bushing applications listed are 84-60 GM cars & trucks. This kit has 2 sets of bushings, one is oversized OD for worn hinges. The oversized bushings have knurling on the OD. You could remove the knurling with a file or other method to have 2 sets of bushings for the price of 1 set in the Nissan kits.
      • Bushing ID 5/16" (.312")
      • Bushing OD 13/32" (.406")
      • Pin application 84-73 GM cars & trucks.
      • Pin OD 5/16" (.312")

The HELP brand is sold by Pep Boys and AutoZone. The NAPA and HELP Nissan kit pins are 2.85" long, the HELP universal pin is 4-1/8", If your pins are too worn, you could cut the kit pins to length and bevel the end like the OEM pin, however the factory pins can usually be reused as the plastic bushings are usually th point of failure.


Place the hinge in heavy vise and drive out the pin from the tapered end side. If your lower hinge still has the spring in it, you will have to be creative to compress the spring. Maybe a valve spring compresser tool. However, it is likely that the springs will have been removed long ago. Remove the plastic bushing renmants and clean the corrosion out of the holes with a round file. Clean the corrosion off the pin using abrasive cloth, steel wool, or something similar. Press the two bushings in using a heavy C-clamp. Or use a 1/4" bolt with 2 washers and a nut. Swab the inside of the bushings with bearing grease and reinstall the pin.