Datsun 510 was first fitted with a lightweight 35 AMP Hitachi alternator. In mid-1971 it switched to a 50 AMP unit. These alternators will usually last 10-15 years or more than 100,000 miles. The only normal maintainence is to replace the brushes when the dashboard alternator light starts flickering. The alternator uses an external Voltage regulator.

Interchange Edit

Strict interchange:

  • Alternator (35 AMP model)
    • 510 1968-early 1971 USA
    • 521 1969-early 1971 USA
    • 620 1973-1979 USA
    • B110 1971-1973 USA
  • Alternator (50 AMP model)
    • F10 1976-1977 USA
    • 510 Late 1971 USA
    • 521 Late 1971 USA
    • 620 1973-1979 USA

Loose interchange: Many kinds of alternators. See Upgrade section below.

Loose interchange: Many kinds of alternators. See Upgrade section below.

Upgrades Edit

If you are running high-power headlights, off-road lighting systems, or high-power stereo gear, using a high output alternator is called for. Or, if you need to replace the 510 alternator and have free or inexpensive access to different alternators, you might consider a swap. Lastly you might have a bad Voltage regulator, and by swapping to an internally-regulated alternator reliability increases since these use a solid-state (no moving parts) regulator.

There are two major considerations in a swap:

  1. Physical swap. How does it bolt to the L16 engine?
  2. Electrical swap. How will the new alternator be connected to the wiring?

For swap info, see Alternator Swap info.

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